Excellence in administration

ISSA Good Practice Awards

ISSA Good Practice Award for Asia and the Pacific 2024
The competition is open

Now is your chance! Share the good work your organization is doing in social security. Enter the ISSA Good Practice Award competition for Asia and the Pacific by submitting your good practices by 24 May 2024.

Celebrating excellence

The ISSA Good Practice Award is a celebration of hard work and success in improving the ways of working of social security institutions, in order to achieve excellence in delivering social security.

The Award recognizes good practices in the administration of social security carried out by ISSA member organizations, and provides a unique opportunity for institutions to present their significant administrative initiatives and innovative solutions to a global audience.

Since its launch in 2008, the competitions have attracted good practices from all over the world that showcase an impressive range of operational and administrative achievements by member organizations in all regions.

Regional awards

The Good Practice Awards are presented on a regional basis over a three-year cycle and are normally announced at a ceremony at each ISSA Regional Social Security Forum.

The Award, and Certificates of Merit, are decided by an international Jury. The good practices received in each competition are translated and made available to other member organizations through the ISSA Database on Good Practices in Social Security.

The ISSA Special Distinction for Innovation

The ISSA is launching in the 2023–2025 triennium the ISSA Special Distinction for Innovation to highlight a good practice that the International Jury finds particularly innovative, with considerable promise to define new pathways to achieve the goals of social security at an institutional, national or regional level. In awarding the ISSA Special Distinction for Innovation, the International Jury will consider the originality and creativity of the good practice as well as its potentials to catalyze breakthroughs in social security administration. The good practice that receives the special distinction may have been developed recently and not yet have achieved large outcomes.