The ISSA Good Practices

The ISSA Good Practices are a rich collection of learning experiences from the global membership of the International Social Security Association (ISSA), in the quest to improve, secure and make a difference in people’s lives.

The ISSA Database of Good Practices provides ISSA members with privileged access to over 1,300 good practices, showcasing creative, smart and innovative ways to overcome challenges of social security administration at the institutional, national or international levels. Explore, be inspired by, and learn from these hard-earned and well-deserved successes of the ISSA members. 

The ISSA Good Practices also provide practical examples to illustrate the various ISSA Guidelines which offer guidance on key strategic areas in social security administration.

What is a good practice?

A good practice is defined as any type of experience (e.g. an action, a measure, a process, a programme, a project, or a technology) implemented within a social security organization that fosters the improvement of its administrative and operational capacities, and/or the efficient and effective delivery of programmes.

The good practices in the ISSA Database focus on topics related to the priorities of the Association and its members. They all come from member institutions of the ISSA and are primarily collected through the ISSA Good Practice Awards and the ISSA Technical Commissions.

How to submit a good practice?

Good practices may be submitted on an on-going basis. The ISSA issues a special call for good practices normally in connection with each ISSA Regional Social Security Forum. The ISSA Good Practice Award Competition is a highlight of these regional events.

Only ISSA member institutions can submit good practices and participate in the competitions. In addition, the full access to the good practices database is exclusively reserved for ISSA members.