Join the ISSA

Join the leaders in social security administration

Join the ISSA

Join the leaders in social security administration

The exceptional group of leaders and professionals that make up the membership of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) are united in their strong belief in the importance of social security for our societies, economies and populations.

Why join the ISSA?

As the only global network of social security organisations committed to excellence the ISSA provides access to a strategic partner with a deep understanding of your business, of the challenges you are facing, and of how you can address them successfully.

A partner you can count on!

Strategic and practical benefits of ISSA membership

5 strategic benefits

  1. Engaging in the leading global social security organisation
  2. Joining an exclusive community of professionals
  3. Promoting  social security and the role of administrations
  4. Accessing the recognized standards in social security administration
  5. Responding to the needs of your organisation

5 practical benefits

  1. Accessing international guidelines and good practice solutions
  2. Facilitating capacity-building and staff development
  3. Providing innovative solutions
  4. Engaging via networking events and platforms
  5. Achieving recognition – the ISSA Certificate of Excellence




Benefits of ISSA Membership

International Social Security Association
Publication date:
November 2019


How can my organization become an ISSA member?

The procedure for joining the ISSA is simple. Contact the ISSA General Secretariat in Geneva, either online, by phone or by mail. The Secretariat will provide you with any further information you need and guide you through the application process. The ISSA offers two types of membership: Affiliate membership is open to institutions, government departments, agencies or other entities that administer any aspect of social security, while Associate membership is for institutions not directly involved in the administration of social security but whose objectives are compatible with those of the ISSA.