Working Group on Rehabilitation

Working Group on Rehabilitation

Strengthening rehabilitation and promoting the active participation of persons with disabilities in the labour market are important objectives for social security institutions. However, promoting rehabilitation is also a challenge at a time when disability risks are evolving, and labour markets are changing.

The ISSA Working Group on Rehabilitation (IWGR) complements the important work of the ISSA Technical Commissions by bringing a cross-branch perspective and offering a transversal platform for exchanges of good practices. It also promotes the view that rehabilitation is an important pillar of social security.

Dedicated to the sharing of best practices and innovation, it contributes to analysis and knowledge building. Its members present their work at various ISSA events, in particular webinars and regional forums. The IWGR contributed to the ISSA webinar series on rehabilitation in 2021–2022.

Through the project “COVID-19 and Long COVID-19 Syndrome”, which builds on two surveys, the IWGR aims to improve knowledge, reflecting on how social security institutions can most effectively contribute to addressing the increased rehabilitation needs in light of the experiences from the pandemic.

First established in the 2020–2022 ISSA triennium, the IWGR has been mandated to continue its work for the period 2023–2025. It will continue to promote international cooperation to bring forward global efforts, national priorities and institutional practices on rehabilitation. It has also joined the World Rehabilitation Alliance (WRA), with whom it will work.