ISSA Collaborative Innovation Hub


ISSA Collaborative Innovation Hub

The ISSA Collaborative Innovation Hub promotes collaboration between member institutions for developing innovative projects and strengthening their innovation capacity. It focuses on the co-creation of high-impact, directly applicable, and reusable practices and tools in social security administration.

With rapidly evolving technology, labour markets and societies, along with increasing public expectations, social security institutions are becoming more agile and are optimizing human resources, digital technologies, good governance, and leadership. The COVID-19 pandemic and its responses accelerated the pace of business transformation in social security organizations.

Social security institutions wanting to go beyond marginal improvements to develop transformative, innovative strategies need visionary leadership and cutting-edge expertise from diverse roles, and have to embrace new forms of organizing and working.

The ISSA Programme & Budget 2023–2025 gives special attention to innovation in social security management. Faced with administrative, organizational, and technological challenges as well as resource constraints, working towards excellence requires continuous learning, improvement, and a commitment to innovation.

With a focus on strategies for accessible, data-driven, pro-active, and high-quality delivery of people-centred social security benefits and services, the ISSA Collaborative Innovation Hub is the overarching initiative that promotes collaboration between member institutions on high-impact, directly applicable and innovative developments in social security administration.

What we offer

This ISSA Collaborative Innovation Hub aims at supporting member institutions in developing innovative projects and strengthening their permanent innovation capacity.

It includes projects proposed and co-created by ISSA members and focuses on outputs that provide innovative, immediate, and practical solutions.

In addition, the ISSA will collaborate with partner organizations, and use its large network of member institutions, technical commissions, and experts to support and coach members.

The process

The process for implementation will include:

  • Identify themes by ISSA and its member organizations
  • Identify ISSA members to lead on specific thematic areas
  • Focus on what, as well as how, innovation is stimulated
  • Develop collaborative web spaces for the exchange and publication of results

Expected benefits

This ISSA Collaborative Innovation Hub will result in:

  • Reduced complexity and risks of undertaking innovation strategies by building on existing successes
  • Access to solutions for the effective and efficient implementation of members’ mandate
  • Cost-effective development of institutional innovation capacities
  • Finding solutions adapted to different levels of digital maturity