• ISSA Publication

    The Annual Review presents highlights of the ISSA's dynamic programme of activities during the last twelve months. Together with summaries of major events, the Annual Review lists the range of information tools and publications made available by the Association, and includes details of the ISSA's membership, structure and organization.

  • New ISSA report
    10 global challenges for social security – Americas

    This report is the result of research, analysis and consultation with more than 25 government departments and social security institutions in the Americas..

  • Prevention

    The ISSA launches the first ever global campaign to improve safety, health and wellbeing at work. The campaign aims to engage companies worldwide to systematically cut down on occupational accidents and diseases by investing in a healthy and motivated workforce.

  • ISSA

    The Digital Economy will profoundly transform our daily life, how we work and how we live. The new ISSA Observatory will look at this transformation from two angles: the changing environment in which social security institutions evolve and how social security institutions themselves will be impacted and can respond to these challenges.

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