Diploma training programme


Diploma training programme



“This course will help me make a difference for social security in our community, and to take care of all the customers in our region and country”

Raiya Hamed Saif Al Busidi, Public Authority for Social Insurance, Oman, Service Quality

“My participation will help me better understand some of the technologies we can use to extend the social security services to the informal sector”

Mukuka Kangwa, National Pension Scheme Authority, Zambia, Information and Communication Technology

“It is a very fulfilling experience!”

Devonte Cory Peters, National Insurance Services, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Contribution Collection and Compliance

“The course was very valuable and had a direct positive impact on my work”

Rebecca Mendy, Fund Manager for Contributions, Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation, Gambia, Contribution Collection and Compliance

The course quality exceeded my expectations. I really liked its design, training methods and the opportunities to apply what I learned in real contexts.”

Dragomir Draganov, Director of the Analysis, Planning and Projections Directorate, National Social Security Institute (NSSI), Bulgaria, ISSA-ILO Guidelines on Actuarial Work for Social Security

“Seeing how ISSA guidelines come to life with actual examples, lessons learned and discussion among participants is a great professional experience. Signing up for the training course will take you further in your professional career and expand your knowledge and skills in the social protection landscape.”

Pablo Souto, one of the trainers of the diploma training course on the ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance