Master’s degree in social security


Master’s degree in social security


Duration: 400 hours over 24 months

Format: Online training organized in blocks of about 100 hours, with four one-week face-to-face sessions.

Block I. Social security policy and results-based management

Understanding the obstacles and levers of effective public management through the acquisition of an essential and precise knowledge base.

  1. Public policy and performance management
    • The design and implementation of public policies
    • Performance: challenges for the public sector
    • The operational breakdown of performance into mission, programmes and actions
  2. Operational management and results-based management
    • Results-based programme or project management approach (RBM) and its tools
    • Management through a monitoring and evaluation system
    • Implementation of programme and project evaluation and its results
  3. Instruments for public health and social security policies
    • Public-private partnership (PPP) in the health sector
    • The financing of universal coverage

ISSA Webinar: Presentation of the first block (in French)

Block II. Methodological approaches to economic and social issues

  1. Background knowledge on specific themes: Introduction to the political sociology of emerging countries
  2. Development economics
  3. Individual work
  4. English or Spanish language training

ISSA Webinar: Presentation of the second and third block (in French)

Block III. Comparative analysis of social security issues and policies around the world

  1. Institutional and social policy dynamics in emerging countries
  2. Introduction to comparative policy studies
  3. Economic and social analysis of emerging countries
  4. The political history of Africa: discussions and purposes
  5. Social science methods
  6. Quantitative data analysis
  7. Contemporary issues in developing and emerging countries
  8. International relations of developing and emerging countries

ISSA Webinar: Presentation of the second and third block (in French)

Block IV. Governance and management of social security

  1. Horizontal aspects of social security management
    • Governance
    • Coverage
    • Service quality
    • Statistics/actuarial issues
  2. Business aspects of social security management
    • Fraud control
    • Prevention
    • Collection of contributions and compliance
    • Employment
  3. New information and communication technologies
    • Governance and management
    • Components specific to social security and data-driven digital transformation
    • Core technologies

ISSA Webinar: Presentation of the fourth block (in French)