Promoting excellence in social security

Access to social security is a human right and social security is essential for individuals, societies and economic progress. Important progress in social security development can be observed in recent years in many regions of the world. Much of this progress is due to strengthened political commitment to extend social security coverage and the proactive role of social security institutions.

However, an important part of the world population is still not covered by any social security protection. Globalization, demographic changes, changes in the structure of international and domestic labour markets, technological innovations, changing family structures and increasing client expectations create major challenges for existing social security schemes. These challenges have been compounded by continued economic uncertainties.

The ISSA focuses on technical and administrative improvements in social security among its membership and works towards strengthening the role of social security institutions in national social security policy debates. In the pursuit of its constitutional mandate to promote and develop social security throughout the world, the ISSA makes a unique contribution to the improvement of social security outcomes on the basis of social justice.

Strategic vision

In pursuing this constitutional mandate, the ISSA is guided by the strategic vision to:

"Promote dynamic social security as the social dimension in a globalizing world through supporting excellence in social security administration".

Dynamic social security refers to social security systems that are accessible, sustainable, adequate, socially inclusive and economically productive, and that are based on performing, well-governed, proactive and innovative social security institutions. In line with the nature of the ISSA as an association of social security institutions, the vision of promoting dynamic social security ties social security improvements to the capacities and performance of these institutions.

To work towards this strategic vision, the expected outcome of the Association is to achieve:

"Excellence in social security administration as a basis for accessible, sustainable, adequate, socially inclusive and economically productive social security systems".

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