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23 Март 2018 г. (January 2018) As countries have joined together on a path toward increased cooperation and action on migration, investment in data will be crucial for its success.

21 Март 2018 г.

Channel NewsAsia  (19.03.2018) More than nine million people in China have been barred from buying plane tickets and another three million from buying business-class train tickets because of their poor "social credit" ratings, according to deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission.

20 Март 2018 г. (12.03.2018) The Government is pushing ahead with the promulgation of a revised national policy for Jamaica's senior citizens that was tabled in the House of Representatives as far back as 1997 by former Prime Minister Portia Simpson.

20 Март 2018 г.

El País (20.03.2018) Casi cuatro millones de mexicanos y centroamericanos se verían obligados a dejar sus hogares por la subida del nivel del mar y la menor producción agrícola, según el Banco Mundial

20 Март 2018 г.

Le Monde (20.03.2018) L’équipe de la ministre du travail a présenté aux syndicats les changements des procédures d’accompagnement des personnes sans emploi.  Lors d’une réunion avec les huit organisations syndicales et patronales représentatives, le directeur de cabinet de la ministre du travail a présenté, lundi 19 mars, les principaux points de la réforme de l’assurance-chômage.

19 Март 2018 г.

Le Temps (18.03.2018) Ces prochaines années, les robots vont prendre une place considérable dans un monde du travail bouleversé. «Le Temps» a sondé trois experts, qui imaginent chacun à leur façon un nouveau paradigme qui questionne notre relation à l’emploi

19 Март 2018 г.

ILO (12.03.2018) The ILO has launched a new web application  to highlight its achievements in promoting decent work in 2016-2017. The ILO has launched a new web application  to highlight its achievements in promoting decent work in 2016-2017. The app points to significant decent work results in 130 countries. With a few simple clicks, users can access detailed information on the results achieved and the ILO contribution by outcome, indicator, region and country. The app also shows how the decent work results contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs).

19 Март 2018 г.

ILO Blog (13.03.2018) The premise of occupational safety and health – my field of specialization — is that work should do no harm to health and in the best of worlds, should support it. But discerning whether technology and new forms of work are doing harm or doing good can often be tricky.

18 Март 2018 г.

Part of the government’s role is to provide social protection for factors that make people vulnerable. For example, people face unemployment, health problems, and other factors that create physical, economic, and other problems in their lives. Government regulations work to reduce risks that make people vulnerable. When people face problems, public-sector social programs such as health insurance, social welfare, and others provide help. Here’s how the Internet of Things (IoT) could help government agencies manage social protection programs more easily and effectively.

16 Март 2018 г.

Business Wire (16.03.2018) The Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS) is pleased to announce that the 2018 International Forum on Disability Management (IFDM) conference will receive $75,000 through the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program-Disability (SDPP-D) component, which helps improve the lives of children and families, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable Canadians.

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