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Commuting Accident Prevention Plan

Commuting Accident Prevention Plan

A case of the Social Security Organisation | Малайзия
Commuting Accident Prevention Plan

The strategy comprises four CA prevention programmes to face the increase in commuting accidents, namely:

  1. Commuting Accident Outreach Programme for employers and employees.
  2. Safe Motorcycle Riding Programme (SMRP) and Defensive Driving Programme (DDP).
  3. Applied Research Grants; and
  4. Commuting Safety Management System (CSMS)/Road Safety Element in the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS).

Implementing these programmes requires a dynamic collaborative effort and smart partnership with other social partners and agencies. By implementing the strategy in the CA Prevention Plan, SOCSO hopes to achieve the target of reducing 10 per cent of CA by 2015. The result from 2010 to 2011 has shown that the plan is on the right track to achieve the key results. The experience of SOCSO in dealing with increasing commuting accidents can be shared with other social security institutions with due respect to the different nature of the schemes and the context of the respective country.

Implementation year2016
Темы: Occupational accidents and diseases