Section for Electricity, Gas and Water


Section for Electricity, Gas and Water


The International Section of the ISSA for Electricity, Gas and Water brings together institutions and individuals who are engaged in the promotion of occupational safety and health in the electricity and gas supply industries and at workplaces involving the use of these energies.

It has members in various European and other countries, which actively support the Section in all its activities.

The Section is eager to increase its membership to develop its international support and to fulfill its international mission.

Institutions interested in the Section´s work and able to contribute actively to the realization of its tasks are welcome to join as members.

Membership in the Section for Electricity, Gas and Water includes the following advantages:

  • Access to 30 years' expert knowledge and experience
  • Free participation of one representative of the member institution in the international symposia
  • Free subscription to the Section´s publications
  • Cooperation in the working groups
  • Possibility of resolving safety problems within the scope of the Section´s working programme.

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Read on for further information on the rights and conditions of membership of the Section for Electricity, Gas and Water.

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Types of Membership

The Section for Electricity, Gas and Water is composed of ordinary members and corresponding members.

Ordinary members

Eligible for admission to the Section for Electricity, Gas and Water as ordinary members are members of the ISSA as well as all non-profit organizations who have competence in the subject matter of the Section. Are also admissible safety departments of commercial enterprises, engaged in occupational safety and health activities on a non-profit basis.

Ordinary members are responsible for the Section´s functions and decide on its programme of activities in the General Assembly. The contribution for ordinary membership amounts to EUR 650.

Corresponding members

The category of corresponding member is open to organizations whose objectives are consistent with those of the Section for Electricity, Gas and Water and who are not qualified to become ordinary members. Individuals who are experts in the prevention of occupational risks due to electricity, gas, long-distance heating and water may also become corresponding members.

Corresponding members provide annual financial support after consultations with the Bureau of the Section. They belong to the General Assembly in a consultative capacity.

Application for membership

Please use the membership application form.