Survivors’ pensions and their impact on the Brazilian labour market

Julimar Da Silva Bichara
Rogerio Nagamine Costanzi
Graziela Ansiliero

Volume 70 (2017), Issue 1

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In many countries the regulations governing survivors’ pensions were established in periods when female labour market participation was lower than at present. However, the current trend in many Latin American countries is for growing levels of female labour participation. In Brazil, where there are no restrictions on the concurrent receipt of retirement and survivors’ pensions, and where until recently lifelong pensions could be obtained without any conditionality, not only has the accumulation of such benefits grown, but there are indications that these rules have had a negative impact on women’s labour market participation. Analysis of the case of Brazil shows the need for social security regulations to adapt to labour market changes, and underlines the need to acknowledge that social security regulations can actually have an impact on the labour market.

survivors benefits
social security reform
labour market
woman worker