Academy Diploma Programme

Training course: ISSA Guidelines on Information and Communication Technology

12–16 June 2017 | TurinItaly

Academy Diploma Programme

Training course: ISSA Guidelines on Information and Communication Technology

12–16 June 2017 | TurinItaly

The ISSA Academy diploma programme aims to enable ISSA members to gain a holistic understanding of the ISSA Guidelines and use these standards to benchmark their journey to excellence.

Training institution: International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization

Training venue: ITC-ILO Training Centre, Turin, Italy

Training course topic: ISSA Guidelines on Information and Communication Technology

Region: Open to ISSA member organizations in all regions

Language: English


Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a crucial component of social security systems, contributing to increasing their quality and performance. This course is designed to develop the capacities of social protection professionals in the implementation, reform and governance of Information Communication Technology for social security systems. Its main aim will be to impart the skills required to find concrete social security system solutions through the use of ICT by the application of the ISSA guidelines on Information and Communication Technology.

Who can participate

The training course is designed for managers, administrators, experts and staff working in ISSA member institutions and who have a professional interest in the Guidelines covered in this training course.

How many people can participate

Each training course has places for up to 25 participants from ISSA member institutions.

How to apply for the training course

Please contact the training institution to apply for this training course

Mr Charles Crevier
Activity Manager

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +39 011 6936 524

Applicants should complete the online form no later than 12 May 2017, supported by a nomination letter from their sponsoring institution indicating how the participant will be financed.

The nomination form can be found at:

Cost of participation

The cost of participating in this course is Euro 2.180 (Euro 1.580 for tuition fees and Euro 600 for subsistence), excluding international air travel and airport transfers. This is payable in advance by the participant’s sponsoring organization. This covers tuition fees; the use of training facilities and support services; training materials and books; accommodation and full board at the Centre’s campus; emergency medical care and insurance.

The diploma training programme

The ISSA Academy diploma programme offers high-level training on the ISSA Guidelines for social security professionals. Each training course combines on-line assignments and on-site training on a specific set of ISSA Guidelines. The training courses are provided by members of the ISSA Training Consortium.