Push for health and long-term care by technical commission

Push for health and long-term care by technical commission

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) has addressed major health care-related challenges during the triennium 2020–2022, and the Technical Commission on Medical Care and Sickness Insurance (TC Health) played a key role in this endeavour.

Health has become a priority on the international agenda, even more so with the COVID-19 pandemic. TC Health aims to identify key policy and administrative overlaps with the overall social security system to ensure the interoperability of benefits, improved coordination and collaboration, with the aim to achieve efficiency and better health for all.

Dedicated to the sharing of good practices and innovative strategies to respond to the changing needs of an ageing population, TC Health set up the ISSA Webinar series on long-term care (LTC), assembling relevant expertise for the ISSA report Long-term care: Global efforts and international attention from the health perspective and the analysis article Long-term care in ageing societies: Issues and strategies.

To improve resilience and develop responses to shocks and crises, ISSA webinars discussed topics such as building more resilient health systems and improving health insurance systems, coverage and service quality. Furthermore, TC Health contributed with a series of articles, analysing pertinent topics, such as Building more resilient health systems and Improving health insurance systems, coverage and service quality.

TC Health also provided input to the revision of the ISSA Guidelines on Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension, by drafting a new part B dedicated to health, with the support of the National School of Social Security (École nationale supérieure de sécurité sociale – EN3S) and the National Sickness Insurance Fund (Caisse nationale de l'assurance maladie – CNAM), both from France. The revised ISSA Guidelines will be published in connection with the upcoming World Social Security Forum (WSSF).

In addition, members of the technical commission presented their work at various ISSA webinars on "medical deserts", sickness benefit schemes, detecting fraud in health care through emerging technologies and the role of social security and health care in environmental protection.  

TC Health members have shared their expertise at the Regional Social Security Forums, and the 20th ISSA International Conference of Social Security Actuaries, Statisticians and Investment Specialists. Coming up, they will contribute to the WSSF, featuring an interactive session on sickness benefit schemes and demonstrations on rehabilitation in the Innovation Zone

TC Health will continue to address major health and LTC challenges in the 2023–2025 triennium, and to bring the international dimension to national discussions. The ISSA and its technical commission on health are committed to supporting social security organizations that are facing health coverage issues with the aim to ensure that adequate, effective and affordable health protection is available for all.

TC Health Work Plan at a Glance: Results