Korea wins regional social security award


Korea wins regional social security award

The National Pension Service of Korea wins the 2018 ISSA Good Practice Award for Asia and the Pacific for the provision of one-stop services through four social insurance information systems. The winner came from one of the 76 entries to the competition from across the region.

The regional award was handed out on 2 October as part of a ceremony at the ISSA Regional Social Security Forum for Asia and the Pacific in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The International Social Security Association (ISSA) organises this regional competition for its members every three years, and the Korean National Pension Service (NPS) was the best of 76 entries from 20 members in 15 countries.

Korea wins for its one-stop services in social security

The international Jury awarded the National Pension Service of Korea for establishing one-stop services through four social insurance information systems by connecting the databases of the four national social insurance programmes on pensions, health, employment and workers’ compensation.

Citizens can now visit physically or online any of the four organizations for any of its service requests. Application forms and documents have been simplified and streamlined, resulting in huge efficiency gains. The initiative is recognized as ground-breaking service in light of the user-friendly environment for citizens to check their insurance history and status online.

"The Korean one-stop services for pensions, health, employment and workers’ compensation is a great example of excellence in social security delivery. It has improved, simplified and streamlined services for citizens, while at the same time ensuring important efficiency gains for social security institutions," stated Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, ISSA Secretary General.

Special Mention to good practices from eight countries

The international Jury also awarded Certificates of Merit with a Special Mention from the Jury to 19 good practices from 11 institutions in eight countries in the region:

China: Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

  1. Application of actuarial technology in the negotiation of National Medical Insurance Drug List
  2. Tongzhou Programme: The Same-Boat Programme for the Chinese Work Injury Insurance
  3. Universal social security enrolment programme begins with registration 

Indonesia: Social Security Administering Body for the Health Sector

  1. Implementation of integrated risk management in line with the ISSA Guidelines to manage the National Health Social Security programme
  2. Involving the society to care about social health care through Kader JKN Programme
  3. Mobile JKN: A one-stop solution for social security health services at people’s fingertips

Republic of Korea: Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency

  1. Establishment and operation of workers’ health centers to promote health for vulnerable groups of workers

Republic of Korea: Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service

  1. Protection of the livelihood of workers with unpaid wages through wage-claim guarantee

Republic of Korea: National Health Insurance Service

  1. National Health Alarm Services: Predict and prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases through the combination of various big data

Republic of Korea: National Pension Service

  1. Increasing pension enrolment of non-regular workers
  2. The NPS Next Door App: Introducing the national pension scheme and mobile pension service

Oman: Public Authority for Social Insurance

  1. Data integration between the PASI and related government agencies: Enabling the electronic registration of employers and insured persons
  2. The Public Authority for Social Insurance Award for Scientific Researches
  3. Using the balanced scorecard methodology to integrate the Public Authority for Social Insurance’s strategic planning with performance management

Saudi Arabia: General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)

  1. GOSI practice in measuring customer satisfaction

Singapore: Ministry of Manpower

  1. StartSAFE: A doorstep programme for small and medium enterprises in building risk management capabilities
  2. Touching hearts, changing lives with one-to-one retirement planning at the heartlands: A case of the Central Provident Fund Board

Thailand: Social Security Office

  1. SSO multi-platform electronic self-service

Viet Nam: Vietnam Social Security

  1. IT application on health insurance management, medical review and payment

34 Certificates of Merit were also awarded to good practices in China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, and 22 attestations for good practices in Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.