ISSA diploma training

Contribution Collection and Compliance: Interview with Edmund Tavengwa Kaseke, Zimbabwe

ISSA diploma training

Contribution Collection and Compliance: Interview with Edmund Tavengwa Kaseke, Zimbabwe

Edmund Tavengwa Kaseke shares his experiences from the ISSA e-learning course on Contribution Collection and Compliance, organized by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO) in 2021.

Edmund Tavengwa Kaseke
  • Name: Edmund Tavengwa Kaseke
  • Position:  Deputy Director Contributions and Compliance
  • Employer: National Social Security Authority (NSSA)
  • Country: Zimbabwe

Why did you register for the ISSA e-learning course, organized by the ITCILO?

I registered to extend my understanding on global trends and best practices in social security administration, specifically on contribution collection and compliance. This ISSA e-learning course was a worthwhile experience and eye opening. Sharing notes and experience with colleagues from different parts of the world has enabled me to have new perspectives on the progression of social security administration.

Which of the ISSA Guidelines did you learn about, and why did you choose this topic?

My focus area was contribution collection and compliance, and the course broadened my understanding and appreciation of the relevance and impact of the ISSA Guidelines in this area. Contribution collection and compliance is part of my Key Result Area and it was necessary for me to broaden my understanding and knowledge on these topics.

What were your expectations from the course and how were they met?

I was expecting benchmarking with successful institutions and learning from their approaches to social security administration. The structure and interactive activities embedded within the courses enabled me to network and share experiences in a practical way and indeed the course has been beneficial in broadening my comprehension of key aspects and approaches in social security administration. Definitely the expectation was surpassed.

How will what you have learnt be useful in your daily work and for your institution?

The course enabled me to identify a particular challenge within our respective institutions and to use the ISSA Guidelines to formulate a solution and a plan for me to implement in the next three months. In my day-to-day work, the ISSA Guidelines have become my guiding principles for initiatives and strategies relating to contributions collection and compliance, and a reference point for colleagues and teammates.

Would you recommend this course to other social security professionals and why?  

Certainly, I will recommend other professionals to undertake this course because it is well structured to address practical aspects of social security administration and enable sharing of practical experiences and best practices.