Building knowledge through the ISSA webinars


Building knowledge through the ISSA webinars

More than 11,600 participants registered to the webinars of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) in 2021. The webinars have strengthened the ISSA’s outreach to staff in its member organizations worldwide and contributed to knowledge sharing and production within the Association.

When the ISSA organized its first webinar in April 2020, it was very well received. Since then, over 100 webinars have been taken place, and they have given the opportunity for a much broader participation of ISSA members.

Key figures for 2021 were:

  • 56 webinars organized
  • 11,606 registered participants
  • 207 average number of registered participants
  • 221 speakers from member and partner institutions
  • 62 institutions on average
  • 45 countries on average

Participation has been strong and evenly distributed across ISSA regions, with 22 per cent of participants coming from Asia and the Pacific, 24.5 per cent from Africa, 26 per cent from the Americas and 27.5 per cent from Europe. Several webinars have been organized in cooperation with various ISSA regional structures or technical commissions and related to their workplans.

Topics, expertise, and knowledge production

The webinars build on the knowledge and experience of ISSA members from across the world. A typical webinar includes contributions from 2–4 senior staff from social security institutions, and often also representatives from regional or international organizations with whom the ISSA cooperates.

The webinars covered a variety of topics in the 2021 such as social security responses to the COVID‑19 crisis, health and rehabilitation, information and communication technology (ICT) and service quality, governance and administration, the extension of coverage, and error, evasion and fraud.

In addition to the important knowledge sharing within webinars, they contribute to the knowledge production of the ISSA. They provide important input into the regular Analysis articles on the ISSA website, as well as for reports such as recently on Long-term care: Global efforts and international attention from the health perspective and the new ISSA framework on behavioural insights.

Did you miss a webinar?

The ISSA records every webinar and makes them available on the ISSA website for its members. On the ISSA events page, you can search for all webinars and filter by year, topics, regions, languages and more.

On each webinar page, you can click on the “Videos” tab to find the recording(s) in the language(s) it was delivered in.  Most of the webinars are available in English, many in French, Spanish, and German and some also in Arabic, Portuguese or Russian.

The ISSA will continue to provide a strong webinar programme in 2022, in addition to a number of larger international and regional conferences being organized this year. Read more about this in our article on What’s on in 2022.