ISSA diploma training

Actuarial Work for Social Security: Interview with Ehsan Rajabi Dehaghi, Iran

ISSA diploma training

Actuarial Work for Social Security: Interview with Ehsan Rajabi Dehaghi, Iran

Ehsan Rajabi Dehaghi shares his experiences from the ISSA e-learning course on Actuarial Work for Social Security, organized by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO) in 2021.

Ehsan Rajabi Dehaghi
  • Name: Ehsan Rajabi Dehaghi
  • Position: Actuarial expert
  • Employer: Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO)
  • Country: Islamic Republic of Iran

Why did you register for the ISSA e-learning course, organized by the ITCILO?

Since I started my career in ISSO, I really wanted to increase my knowledge in this field. Therefore, I got acquainted with the ITCILO courses, and I found some of the best international experts in this regard. The course was the perfect place for me to become familiar with international experts, and writers of important books in the field. For instance, Hiroshi Yamabana, the writer of the book Modelling in healthcare finance, was one of my teachers in the course.    

Which of the ISSA Guidelines did you learn about, and why did you choose this topic?

I learnt about the ISSA-ILO Guidelines for Actuarial Work in Social Security, and topics such as data, risk management and more. The guidelines were explained perfectly with personal experts and relevant resources. I chose this course to improve my actuarial projects in ISSO, to learn how other social security organizations have overcome relevant challenges, and to learn about different practical solutions to my challenges in actuarial work.

What were your expectations from the course and how were they met?

I would like to say that my expectations were met completely. The teachers were both very kind and experienced. We had participants from more than 20 countries, and the course was a good opportunity for me to increase my networks in the actuarial world. The course provided basic knowledge, but the teachers offered more resources. The course was held twice a week, and participants should do homework and quizzes after the class. Moreover, the participants should share their experience in the field, and consequently learn from each other.

How will what you have learnt be useful in your daily work and for your institution?

It is a tough question because I have learnt different aspects of actuarial work which all of them are very useful in my daily work. But, if I were to choose one of them, the guideline on data is the most useful one. For instance, we have a project in ISSO on providing actuarial healthcare report, and gathering the proper data is the most difficult part of it. The guideline on data offers practical solutions to our challenges.  

Would you recommend this course to other social security professionals and why?

Yes, I strongly recommend to all experts in the field of actuarial work in social security to participate in the ISSA Diploma training courses, to share experiences, increase international networks, become familiar with practical solutions to tackle challenges, and to become familiar with international guidelines in the field.