National Sickness Insurance Fund

Building and Public Works Sectoral Programme: Working with project managers from the initial design phase of construction projects / A case of Sickness Insurance – Professional Risks

Implementation year

In 2014, the occupational health and safety department of France’s National Sickness Insurance Fund (Caisse nationale de l’assurance maladie – CNAM) launched a programme initially entitled “Fall Risks in the Building and Public Works Sector” (Risques Chutes Pros Bâtiment et Travaux Publics – BTP) which was later renamed the “BTP Sectoral Programme” (programme sectoriel BTP) and expanded after 2018. With this, they aim to reduce the number of accidents in the construction sector. Even before construction activity begins, the BTP sectoral programme aims to promote the best possible coordination in terms of the safety and health protection of workers (Directive 92/57/EEC of 24 June 1992),

The main operational objective is to support pre-identified project managers (maîtres d’ouvrage – MOA), so that they include in their calls for tenders the provisions needed to control risks on building sites and to pool prevention resources in their construction projects.

Since 2019, we have been assessing the contractual practices of MOAs, from which we have drawn clear findings. If we take action from the design phase onwards by implementing and coordinating effective occupational safety and health protection and incorporating preventive measures into calls for tender, we can positively impact the safety of site workers.

Occupational accidents and diseases
Prevention of occupational risks
Extension of coverage
Difficult-to-cover groups