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“Risques chimiques Pros”: The solution for preventing occupational chemical hazards / A case of Sickness Insurance – Professional Risks

Implementation year

Occupational chemical hazards involve exposure to or use of one or more dangerous chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic. They are the second most common cause of occupational illness in France and can be found in all professional sectors. They have immediate and/or delayed effects on employees’ health.

The Occupational Chemical Hazards (Risques Chimiques Pros) prevention programme was therefore developed by the occupational health and safety department of the National Sickness Insurance Fund (Caisse nationale de l’assurance maladie – CNAM). It is based on a four-stage online course and enables companies to assess the risks, plan and monitor the action taken, in order to reduce employee exposure to chemicals and avoid the consequences, particularly in the sectors most affected. This includes car repair workshops, construction and public works, technical inspection, mechanics and machining centres, joinery and woodworking, and healthcare and analysis.

The programme targets 5,000 companies and offers support to help them draw up and implement an action plan.

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