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Emergency aid

Implementation year

The project for the execution of the Auxílio Emergencial (Emergency aid), created by Law No. 13,982, of 2 April 2020, with the objective of guaranteeing minimum income to Brazilians in a vulnerable situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowed more than 100 million people to be assisted by public policy in a timely manner.

In order to guarantee income to really vulnerable families, several complementary information bases were added to the National Register of Social Information (CNIS),[1] a system responsible for controlling the information of all insured and social security taxpayers that contains more than 216 million pieces of information on individuals and legal entities, 530 million employment contracts, 14 billion remuneration data, and another 2 billion contributions in the eligibility processes of citizens who applied for the aid, thus allowing a more assertive targeting of public resources.

[1] Cadastro Nacional de Informações Sociais

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