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Employment Register Card (CTPS Digital)

Implementation year

The Brazilian Work and Social Security Card (CTPS) was created in 1969. Recognized for its notes, this document records the functional life of the citizen. Thus, it guarantees access to some of the main labour rights, such as unemployment insurance and social security benefits.

The Employment Register Card (CTPS Digital) project aims to provide services to citizens, enabling transparency and support to labour and employment public policies, with effects on social security policy. It was responsible for the digital transformation of a physical document into a fully electronic format, through which civil identification information, employment contracts, remuneration and contributions made during working life are available. It has made possible to integrate social security processes, such as unemployment insurance, salary allowance and labour intermediation between employees and employers.

Governance and administration
Information and communication technology
Contribution collection and compliance
Service quality
Error, evasion and fraud