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Comprev: Social security compensation platform

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The Brazilian social security works as a system that guarantees income for workers and their families in case of illness, accident, imprisonment, pregnancy, death, or advanced age. In turn, it is composed by three programmes: the General Programme (RGPS)[1], the Specific Programme (RPPS)[2], and the Complementary Pension Programme (RPC)[3]. The latter is individual while the first two are public.

Throughout his/her career, it is possible for a citizen to contribute to more than one scheme, private or public, and it is necessary to make a clearing account between the systems. This has an impact on federal relations since there are subnational schemes, which have the financial health of the scheme as one of the pillars of support.

[1] Regime Geral de Previdência Social - RGPS
[2] Regime Próprio de Previdência Social - RPPS
[3] Regime de Previdência Complementar - RPC

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