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Yuyaq, Casa del Pensionista: Supporting older people

Implementation year

The Yuyaq, Casa del Pensionista is a support programme that contributes to the healthy, productive and dignified ageing of older people at the national level; it is focused on pensioners and run by the Pension Standardization Office (Oficina de Normalización Previsional – ONP) of Peru. The programme is based on five strategies:

  • In-person support. Specialized activities and workshops are carried out in 11 physical locations, five in Lima and six in provinces. We also organize travelling fairs, where we provide customer care services, loyalty programmes and workshops. The Productive Ageing pilot programme is being implemented with the aim of employing older people in ONP service centres.
  • Virtual support. Rolled out across social networks (Facebook, YouTube and Spotify), where there is a high level of interaction with older people.
  • Phone support. We guarantee the emotional well-being of pensioners through regular phone calls.
  • Centenarian pensioner recognition. We acknowledge and celebrate the lives of the centenarian pensioners of ONP through customized gifts.
  • Loyalty programmes. These are marketing activities that create links with our beneficiaries, especially older people close to retirement.
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