Derrama Magisterial

Improving educational training for teachers through the use of social networks and digital media - A solid and free training platform

Implementation year

Derrama Magisterial (DM), Peru’s welfare and social security institution for teachers in public education, offers online courses to ensure the continuity of training services for teachers after face-to-face events were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For years, the DM organized face-to-face courses and training sessions for the education community. However, starting in March 2020, the DM began to plan free virtual courses which, in a first stage, were developed through the use of video-calling platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meets, and others. Teachers registered using online forms to generate a database of members interested in these training sessions, which served as input to define the topics and improve the service.

The second stage of this process saw the DM broadcast the courses free of charge through its profile on the Facebook platform, which exponentially expanded the audience and coverage of these courses at the national level. The virtual courses have improved the teacher training service.

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