Derrama Magisterial

Implementing digital channels so that teachers can access services independently: Derrama Magisterial app and DM bot

Implementation year

Peru’s Derrama Magisterial (DM) was created to provide social benefits to teachers in Peru. Teachers are at the core of everything the DM does, and since it was founded, the organization has aspired to provide ongoing excellent services to teachers, in compliance with its mission and vision.

Teachers are constantly looking for streamlined services that can be accessed wherever they are and whenever they need them. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the DM to deploy a set of initiatives that would enable it to meet teachers’ needs with the support of new technology.

In line with this and as part of its digital transformation process, it has put in place the Derrama Magisterial digital app, as well as its first 24/7 service robot called DM BOT.

The Derrama Magisterial app and DM BOT allow teachers to handle their own requests and queries regarding the DM’s main products and services, which are integrated in the app and available virtually.

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