Derrama Magisterial

Digital nomination of members’ beneficiaries

Implementation year

In line with its mission and vision, Peru’s Derrama Magisterial (DM) is constantly striving to be the primary source of support for teachers in both their personal and professional lives.

Associated teachers make a monthly contribution that is deducted from their salary. This allows them to accumulate a pension pot that they will receive at the end of their working life. It also gives them access to monetary benefits in the event of retirement, total disability, or death.

This fund represents a crucial source of support for teachers, as well as for their family members in the event of their death (a situation that came to the fore during the COVID-19 pandemic).
In order for their family members to benefit, though, it is vital for teachers to nominate their beneficiaries in good time by submitting an “expression of wish” form. Previously, it was only possible for a teacher to do this in person.

This initiative has automated the process so that a teacher can now nominate his or her beneficiaries remotely. In turn, this has improved the death-benefits process by increasing the number of teachers with beneficiary nominations in place.

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