Social Insurance Bank

Biometrics for proof of life

Implementation year

The institution does not have any automatic mechanism to inform it of the death of a citizen outside of the country. This is why beneficiaries living outside of the country are obliged to submit proof of life in order to avoid the suspension of their benefit payments.

The proof of life, valid for six months, is provided in person during a visit to the consulate. The Social Insurance Bank (Banco de Previsión Social – BPS) of Uruguay proposes the implementation, as a good practice, of a technological initiative for the biometric authentication of beneficiaries. This allows the proof of life to be provided remotely, without the presence of an official, which avoids people having to travel, and at the same time, relieves pressure on the consulates.

This improvement has made it possible for the proof of life to be requested monthly, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the suspension of payments and reducing the risk of making payments to already deceased beneficiaries.

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