Derrama Magisterial

Implementing a management system for provident fund statements

Implementation year

In line with its mission and vision, Peru’s Derrama Magisterial (DM) is constantly striving to be the primary source of support for teachers, allowing them to build up a significant retirement fund for the end of their working life. This fund offers fundamental support for both teachers and their families in the event of their death.

Associated teachers make a monthly contribution that is deducted from their salary. This allows them to accumulate a pension pot that they will receive at the end of their working life. It also gives them access to monetary benefits in the event of retirement, total disability or death (the latter benefits are paid in addition to the benefits from their individual account).

Having constant access to information regarding the progress and growth of this fund gives teachers peace of mind. They are able to see that the DM is transparently managing their contributions and looking to make as much profit as possible for teachers.

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