Derrama Magisterial

Automating credit files and implementing biometric signatures: Credit service management

Implementation year

Teachers associated with Derrama Magisterial (DM) in Peru can benefit from a number of different services, including a credit service.

This credit service offers loans to teachers. In the past, to secure a loan, the contractual process required teachers to sign documents by hand to create a credit file. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to find innovative ways to digitalize these contractual documents, which is why the digital file service was launched.

As part of the process of developing digital files, it was important to take into account restrictions on mobility and physical contact that were put in place during the pandemic. One of the main objectives in this period was to grant access to credit services to those teachers unable to travel to a physical DM office, without exposing them to unnecessary physical contact.

By incorporating digital files into our services in 2020, we have been able to provide a safer environment for our teachers, improving accessibility to information, ensuring document integrity, reducing contact and contagion risk and simplifying processes, in line with the DM’s institutional values.

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