Derrama Magisterial

Providing a telephone social security advice service for teachers in Peru - Bridging gaps, promoting social security culture

Implementation year

In line with its mission and vision, Peru’s Derrama Magisterial (DM) continuously aspires to be a central source of support for teachers, providing a variety of DM services and informing them about social security issues.

In order to achieve this, the organizational structure of the social security unit includes different staff members who offer associated teachers guidance, registration support, and advice from the moment they join the DM until the moment they leave.

However, COVID-19 pandemic restrictions made it more urgent and important to adapt and incorporate a new way of providing social security advisory services to teachers. In pre-pandemic ways of working, advisory services were provided face-to-face. The pandemic challenged the DM to find new ways of reaching teachers. This is one of the various reasons that the DM started to offer social security advice services via telephone.

Through this new channel, teachers receive comprehensive and efficient advice. Most impressively, this service allows the DM to reach teachers in very remote places.

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