Colombian Pension Administrator

Your future starts today - Institutional campaign to celebrate ten years of the Colombian Pension Administrator

Implementation year

The Colombian Pension Administrator (Administradora Colombiana de Pensiones – Colpensiones), a specialized State financial institution linked to the Ministry of Work, is responsible for providing the entitlements and benefits established by the overall social security system.

Colpensiones carries out institutional, educational and outreach campaigns, providing support and information to the public on its social objective, processes, communication channels, services and programmes that can be accessed. In 2022, the Administrator celebrated ten years of operations, taking on the challenge of making greater efforts to reach the country’s entire population in urban and rural areas, especially young people, who do not prioritize protection for old age.

The campaigns staged since the institution began operations in 2013, supported by an ever more flexible service model, have enabled Colpensiones to retain first place in the Top of Mind ranking of Colombians, increasing from 6 per cent in 2013 to 42 per cent in 2022, and recording a 17‑point lead over the second-ranked private competitor, with 23 per cent.

The description of the campaign can be found at the following link:

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