Federal Administration of Public Resources

Auditing platform companies - Working towards compliance with social security obligations and worker inclusion

Implementation year

The digital economy presents major challenges in terms of regulating work carried out through digital platforms. Precarious employment and the lack of social security contributions are very common in these new activity sectors.

Auditing digital platform companies in Argentina’s Federal Administration of Public Resources (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos – AFIP) serves a dual purpose of improving social inclusion by ensuring workers are properly registered while also increasing the amount of social security contributions collected. In order to achieve this, we calculate any debt, interest and fines owed due to missing contributions. We also ensure an increase in future contributions as new contributors are incorporated into the system.

We are focusing on this particular group of companies in an attempt to protect the labour rights of digital platform workers and ensure the sustainability of the social security system.

Governance and administration
Contribution collection and compliance
Error, evasion and fraud