Superintendency of Health Services

National Registry of Social Security Organizations/National Registry of Health Insurance Funds: Document management platform

Implementation year

The National Registry of Social Security Organizations (Registro Nacional de Obras Sociales – RNOS) and the National Registry of Health Insurance Funds (Registro Nacional de Entidades de Medicina Prepaga – RNEMP) of Argentina’s Superintendency of Health Services (Superintendencia de Servicios de Salud – SSSalud) are responsible for receiving, analysing and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements in force for the registration, modification and update of social security organizations and health insurance funds in Argentina, and for keeping their documentation up to date.

The RNOS validates data held by social security organizations that other institutions or entities need. Since it was created, the Registry has maintained records on paper, which it keeps at SSSalud premises.

SSSalud is undertaking a digital transformation to create an RNOS document management system aimed at managing and controlling the flow of documents passing through institutional processes.

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