Superintendency of Health Services

Single Reimbursement System for Sickness Management

Implementation year

The Single Reimbursement System (Sistema Único de Reintegros – SUR) was created in 2012 with the introduction of Resolution 1200/201. It aimed to handle requests from health-related social security organizations efficiently and in a timely manner, partially compensating the payment of benefits with high economic impact or that cover chronic diseases.

Argentina’s Superintendency of Health Services (Superintendencia de Servicios de Salud – SSSalud) pays the necessary funds into the SUR to automatically meet and balance the compensation needs of social security organizations that do not reach a minimum amount of income per beneficiary and to financially support these social security organizations in paying the aforementioned benefits.

SSSalud chose to take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation and converted the SUR system into a digital platform, known as the Single Reimbursement System for Sickness Management (Sistema Único de Reintegro por Gestión de Enfermedades – SURGE). This platform focuses on beneficiaries of Argentina’s compulsory social security insurance (social security organizations) and the illnesses they suffer from. It creates a medical record that reduces the amount of documentation to be submitted, speeding up the process and carrying out automatic data checks.

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