Superintendency of Health Services

New SSSalud scheme to switch social security organizations for 2023

Implementation year

Argentina’s Superintendency of Health Services (Superintendencia de Servicios de Salud – SSSalud) ensures that citizens can freely exercise their right to switch between social security organizations. This system has been in place since 1998.

After fraudulent activity led to huge numbers of members having their social security health organization changed without their consent, we had to take action to guarantee citizens’ right to change organization according to their actual wishes. Most people affected were single-tax contributors (monotributistas) or single-tax contributors subject to the special social rate (monotributistas sociales).

The relevant regulations were modified, using technological advances to implement quick and secure procedures that protect user data. Information regarding the new procedure was disseminated through the organization’s social networks and website, alongside warnings to users to protect their personal data (fiscal login codes). This helps to avoid attempts to change their social security organizations against their will.

These initiatives link to the following topics: service quality, digital economy, error, evasion and fraud, social policies and programmes, health, and disability.

Service quality
Social policies & programmes
Error, evasion and fraud
Digital economy