Under-Secretariat for Social Security - Ministry of Human Capital

Formalizing rural employment: Promoting registered work and access to social security entitlements

Implementation year

In Argentina, joint trade union–employer agreements (Convenios de Corresponsabilidad Gremial – CCG) encourage the formalization of employment relationships, primarily in rural areas. They are agreements between workers’ representative bodies with trade union status and employers, which aim to facilitate social security access for workers and their families.

In 2021, National Executive Power (Poder Ejecutivo Nacional – PEN) Decree No. 514/21 was issued with a view to encouraging the recruitment of rural workers who provide temporary and seasonal labour – in particular, beneficiaries of social protection policies and programmes – on the basis of a continuous contract.

Subsequently, PEN Decree No. 551/22 and its regulatory provisions established the “Bridge to Employment” (Puente al Empleo) programme, which aimed to gradually transform social, educational and employment programmes into high-quality registered work, with federal application.

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