Ministry of Social Security

Medical expertise using tele-assessment

Implementation year

In view of the pandemic and the closure of social security agencies, with the consequent stoppage of face-to-face assistance, mainly affecting medical expertise, the Federal Court of Accounts ordered the Ministry of Social Security (Ministério da Previdência – MTP), of Brazil to carry out the expertise through tele-medicine.

The tele-expertise proved to be an important tool in the context of meeting the National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social – INSS) disability benefits beyond the closing period of the units. This is largely due to the unequal distribution of medical expertise in the country, which often leaves more distant and remote regions without adequate care due to the lack of professionals.

In this sense, tele-expertise emerges as a viable and efficient alternative to meet this demand. Now, it is possible to carry out medical examinations at a distance, using technologies, such as videoconferencing and telemedicine, to evaluate policyholders and issue medical opinions remotely.

Thus, the INSS and the Undersecretary of Federal Medical Expertise, linked to the Ministry of Social Security, issued a joint ordinance, on 01/13/2022, establishing the pilot experience of carrying out medical expertise with the use of tele-assessment.

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