Ministry of Social Security

Proof of life: Reversal of the burden of proof

Implementation year

The National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social – INSS) through an ordinance of the Ministry of Social Security (MSS) of Brazil, changed the proof of life process for INSS’ beneficiaries. Since 1 January 2023, the insured person does not need to leave the house and prove that he is alive to continue receiving the benefit.

Cross-referencing of information will be carried out to confirm that the beneficiary has performed an act registered in the autarchy’s own databases or maintained, and administered by federal, state and municipal public agencies.

If the beneficiary is not located in any database, INSS must provide the means for proof of life to be brought without the need for the beneficiary to travel. This can be done through civil servants or associated and partner entities, as well as the financial institutions paying the benefits.

With this change, the proof of life process will become easier and more agile, bringing more convenience to citizens, reducing the need to travel, which will bring more safety and relief to policyholders, especially those who have mobility difficulties or live in difficult access’ areas.

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