COLSUBSIDIO - Colombian Family Allowances Fund

Robotic process automation: Improvement and optimization

Implementation year

The COLSUBSIDIO - Colombian Family Allowances Fund (COLSUBSIDIO - Caja Colombiana de Subsidio Familiar) is continuing its transformation to become a more streamlined and digital organization. It is developing initiatives to successfully implement new ways of working that are more operationally efficient, as well as to consolidate and scale the process automation plan, helping the organization adapt to the demands of the market and the needs of users.

The practice of robotic process automation means software robots are now successfully carrying out repetitive, operational, manual and high-volume activities instead of staff, meaning actions are performed quicker, with greater precision and reduced errors.

In this way, employees no longer have to carry out these tasks and have been able to focus their talents and skills on more valuable activities, generating higher quality processes, increasing productivity and mitigating risk. In addition, employee satisfaction rates have improved, leading to a better experience for members and users.

Within the organization, the number of automations has successfully doubled year on year.

Human resource management
Digital economy