Ministry of Labour and Social Security

Maternity protection in Cuba: A case of the National Social Security Institute

Implementation year

The application of Decree-Law 56 from 13 October 2021 regulates and expands the rights of mothers working in the public sector and grants the same rights to mothers working in the private sector. This includes independent workers, members of non-agricultural cooperatives and employees of private micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises who are not subject to the general social security regime or any special regime, members of agricultural cooperatives, land users, creators, artists, technicians and support staff. It also foresees special protection for employees in the artistic sector, seafarers, ranked athletes and high-profile sports figures, to improve maternity for working mothers and family responsibility.

Through this new legislation, Cuba’s National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social – INSS) is implementing the policy adopted to tackle high levels of population ageing and boost fertility.