Mutual for Safety CChC

“El buen delivery”: Social security for emerging professions

Implementation year

In Chile, over 300,000 people currently work as deliverers for digital platforms, known as deliverys or riders. This new way of working poses new challenges related to the protection of this group of workers, as they generally operate in precarious conditions and the level of occupational risk they are exposed to is quite high.

Accordingly, the Mutual for Safety CChC (Mutual de Seguridad – CChC) organized an innovation cycle for entrepreneurs and innovators, looking to better protect app-based deliverers using disruptive solutions that are likely to have a positive impact on three problematic issues: social security, reducing road traffic accidents, and workers’ health and safety conditions.

The experience led to new ways of ensuring access to social security for this group of workers.

Occupational accidents and diseases
Continuity and resilience