National Social Security Institute

Mentoring programme by sharing knowledge and experiences to achieve better organizational results

Implementation year

This work aims to present the National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social − INSS) of Brazil Mentoring Programme, instituted on 20 April 2021, through the Ordinance INSS/PRES No. 1295/2021.

The programme was designed and instituted to manage knowledge at the INSS, value public servants who reach the institution’s goals and support public servants who do not reach their goals.

Initially, the programme was developed for the benefit area, more specifically for the recognition of rights area, and later extended to the area of maintenance of benefits. It is in the expansion phase for the area of judicial claims with already pilot classes conducted and for areas under construction.

The project was built by several public servants, considering various knowledge and practical experiences. The model adopted is organizational mentoring, collective, online, with a variable workload according to the needs of the area. The number of mentees per class varies between 10 and 15 participants, with collective, individual and practical sessions.

The evaluation methodology applied to the programme obeys to the following stages: Diagnostic, collective, reaction and depth.

Governance and administration
Human resource management
Service quality
Quality assessment