National Commission of the Retirement Savings System

Improving the security of the Retirement Savings System’s digital platforms: Implementing measures to safeguard the assets and information of Mexican contributors

Implementation year

Mexico’s Retirement Savings System (Sistema de Ahorro para el Retiro – SAR) is an efficient way of financing pensions that ensure people can live a dignified life once they stop working. Social and economic protection in old age is a constitutional responsibility of the State, and this right must be supported by individualized, reliable, transparent and securely safeguarded records and information. In this way, it is possible to guarantee the person is able to fully exercise their social right.

Currently, the procedures and services offered by the SAR are carried out digitally using technological tools (a web portal and mobile application). Therefore, the person can access their individual account quickly, efficiently and securely, without external assistance or visits to different branches and agencies. They simply have to authenticate their identity using facial biometrics, their password and/or personal identification number (PIN).

It also facilitates voluntary saving, as all Mexican contributors can make use of the services offered by the Retirement Fund Administrators (Administradoras de Fondos para el Retiro – AFOREs) through digital platforms, quickly and securely.

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