Retirement and Pension Fund for Employees of Banks and Related Institutions

Digitalization in human resource management: Reducing the use of paper for internal management processes

Implementation year

Digital transformation is happening in institutions through the integration of new technologies. This vision represents an institutional and social change, optimizing available resources, reducing costs, shortening processes and procedures, and raising awareness of the importance and benefits of this transformation.

At Paraguay’s Retirement and Pension Fund for Employees of Banks and Related Institutions (Caja de Jubilaciones y Pensiones de Empleados de Bancos y Afines) (Bank Fund, hereinafter), digitalization is in full swing. Both the economy and society drive the development of digital tools. This is how the general population becomes increasingly connected to public services, improving the technological evolution of institutions with an efficient, inclusive, accessible and sustainable process.

After the state of alarm during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and institutions had to offer more accessible and streamlined services to their users. As a social security institution, we have focused our efforts on providing an innovative, secure and efficient digital service. This is especially important given that our sector is mostly made up of older adults.

Within this framework, the Bank Fund looked to implement measures, linking the
2019–2023 Strategic Institutional Plan (Plan Estratégico Institucional – PEI) and the Annual Operating Plan (Plan Operativo Anual – POA) with the proposals of the International Social Security Association (ISSA), seeking financial, actuarial, economic and social growth.

Governance and administration
Human resource management