Social Insurance Fund of Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Using data science and data mining to predict the incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Implementation year

Thanks to the use of the Single Digital Health Record (Expediente Digital Único en Salud – EDUS) in health facilities, the Social Insurance Fund of Costa Rica (Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social – CCSS) has managed to gather a wealth of highly relevant data. Using data science and data mining, this data can be transformed into information that gives valuable input for decision-making. We can use it to assess potential disease incidence, based on a reliable and timely process, which helps to identify how public budgets can be best used. By analysing which groups are at risk of disease, we can better identify appropriate health promotion and prevention strategies.

Using these technologies, we aim to offer new ways of providing medical care, in order to improve the experience of internal and external users. We look to deliver participatory, personalized, preventive and predictive medical care, in line with institutional and national strategies.

This innovative initiative aims to prove how useful such technologies can be to assist in all types of diagnosis. It allows us to work with an interdisciplinary approach and encourages other similar initiatives that use data science and data mining to improve diagnosis and care processes for other diseases

Information and communication technology