COLSUBSIDIO - Colombian Family Allowances Fund

Training Twenty-First Century Citizens: COLSUBSIDIO Complementary Educational Day - Closing gaps through educational opportunities

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For more than 18 years, the COLSUBSIDIO - Colombian Family Allowances Fund (COLSUBSIDIO - Caja Colombiana de Subsidio Familiar) has been running educational and cultural programmes to support the comprehensive development of children and young people in rural and urban areas, helping to close social gaps.

This programme aims to improve research skills, socio-emotional skills, bilingual culture, critical thinking and digital skills in students of official institutions in Bogotá and Cundinamarca. There are five elements to the programmes: reading, writing and oral skills, artistic and cultural training, bilingualism, environmental education, and science and technology.

The programme uses didactic and pedagogical strategies, educational games, original teaching materials, academic planning, complementary activities, educational outings and harmonizes curricular content across the institutions. They aim to create meaningful learning opportunities that bring together experience, knowledge and creativity, promoting quality, relevance and inclusion, in students’ free time.

As part of its pedagogical strategies, the programmes use travelling suitcases (maletas viajeras), offering bibliographic, didactic and pedagogical tools and educational games. These are used to support the development of the programme in rural territories where it is often difficult to access technological services, focusing on cyberliteracy, bilingualism, transforming nature and newly developed technologies.

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