COLSUBSIDIO - Colombian Family Allowances Fund

“Mis Primeros Años” (My First Years): A comprehensive nutrition programme to detect, manage and control acute malnutrition in children under five

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The body’s poor assimilation of food leads to a pathological state known as malnutrition, which can take varying degrees of severity and have different clinical manifestations. It is considered a disease with high morbidity and mortality rates.

According to the latest National Survey of the Nutritional Situation of Colombia (Encuesta Nacional de Situación Nutricional de Colombia – ENSIN), 560,000 children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition and 15,600 from severe acute malnutrition. The first risk factor for developing malnutrition is a deficiency in the quality or quantity of food consumed.

Based on Resolution No. 2350 of 2020, COLSUBSIDIO - Colombian Family Allowances Fund (COLSUBSIDIO - Caja Colombiana de Subsidio Familiar) developed a programme to support the diagnosis, treatment and timely follow-up of acute malnutrition in children under five years of age, putting in place holistic assessment interventions, addressing the aetiology, and providing exhaustive follow-up to ensure the recovery of the children involved in the programme.

The programme is being rolled out by a multidisciplinary team in 17 medical centres belonging to the COLSUBSIDIO network, as well as in its children’s clinic.

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