National Social Security Institute

Evolving with a focus on user experience

Implementation year

My INSS (Meu INSS) is a digital platform created by Brazil’s National Social Security Institute (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social – INSS) in 2016. The platform aims to facilitate access to social security benefits and services in the country.

Every month the platform receives more than 36 million visits and is used to make more than 700,000 requests for benefits or services. As the main INSS service channel, it provides more than 100 completely remote services. The digital platform allows people to make requests and in many cases,  they receive an immediate response.

Depending on the complexity or the need for more information, an employee analyses the request, with some requests being processed and analysed through automation technology, with increasingly faster results. Thanks to the platform’s use of plain language and a design focused on user experience, we are able to offer the highest quality of digital services through this tool.

Governance and administration
Information and communication technology
Service quality
Continuity and resilience